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Policies In Harmony With Logic

Policy Proposals is a think tank website intended to gather, revise and theoretically apply reasonable and logical proposals to virtually every area of society in which a problem has been identified. These proposals are, admittedly, idealistic and describe how the world should be. Choosing which strategies to employ or discussing how close we could get toward achieving these ideals is another matter altogether. The ultimate goal must always be to adopt policies that bring us closer to realizing these ideals.

In the menu at the top, you will find a list of the most important ‘keystone’ proposals as well as proposed solutions to various common problems. Please suggest new proposals and problems to add to these lists as well as which solutions should or should not be applied to each problem.

The menu to the left is a list of all policy proposals on this site organized by category.  This is by no means a perfect or comprehensive list, so please submit any ideas you may have to improve existing proposals or submit entirely new proposals. There is a blog at the end of each point to facilitate these communications.

These proposals are written in what I call a bullet point paragraph format, specifically devoid of peripheral background information on the subject. The assumption is for the reader to have a general familiarity with the status quo in the subject matter and these proposals should be viewed as being applied to the status quo. Of course, sometimes background explanations will be provided when necessary, but the tendency is to keep these as short as possible so as to maintain focus and save time for all of us.

Comments and suggestions on how to improve this site are very welcome.

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