Table of Contents

Motorcycles & Bicycles

53. Motorcycle Lane-Splitting

It should be illegal for motorcycles to ride between lanes, known as lane-splitting. Motorcycles should be required to follow all regular vehicular laws while on the road.


54. Bicyclist Should Ride On Sidewalks

Bicyclists should not be allowed to ride on major roadways where there is no dedicated bike lane or where there is not enough space to allow a bicyclist to ride without causing regular vehicular traffic to swerve around the bicyclist. In these cases, bicyclists should use the sidewalk. However, in cases where there is no sidewalk or any alternative, bicyclists may be allowed to ride in the street. Also, bicyclists should not be allowed to use automotive turning lanes, but rather should use crosswalks, unless crosswalks are not available.


55. Bicycle Transportation Network

All principal arterial (including freeways and major arteries) and minor arterial (major collector roads) roadways should be required to have ‘Class I’ dedicated bicycle lanes physically separated from the regular traffic lanes. Minor collector roads should be required to have designated bike lanes. There should be a complete network of integrated bicycle roadways in all urban and suburban area.

All bicycle paths should be twice as wide so that it allowed for two marked lanes of travel in each directions.  Especially with increasing use, it is becoming ever more dangerous for faster travelers to pass slower travelers by going into lanes dedicated for opposing traffic.