Table of Contents


50. Residential Street Parking Fee

All vehicle owners should be required to purchase on-street parking permits if they desire the privilege of using city property (i.e., the streets) to park within two blocks of their home. This would encourage people to park on their own properties, thus freeing up more space on streets for moving traffic while also keeping the streets cleaner by reducing the amount of oil that stains and drips onto them from parked cars. People could park farther away than two blocks without requiring a permit. So, for example, visitors could park on the street without worrying about getting a ticket (unless they live around the corner and decided to drive) because they live farther than two blocks away.

Parking enforcement personnel would check the license plate numbers of cars parked on the street with the addresses to which they are registered. A ticket would be issued if the location of the car is less than two blocks away from the address listed on the license. The fine would be $100, equivalent to the yearly parking permit fee. If a vehicle is listed under a false address, the penalty should be $1,000 plus the $100 for parking on the street without a permit.


51. Parking Tickets

Cities should be forced to cancel all parking tickets issued if the street sweeper never passed by on the date of the violation. (Idea from California State Senator Michael Machado. D-Linden)


52. Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking spaces should be used only by people who have excessive difficulty walking. No other disability should qualify a person to use such parking spaces.