Interesting Videos

Good Videos

Listed here are videos, organized in chronological order, from a variety of sources that are uniquely informative on a wide range of topics, but generally oriented toward solving some social problem.

These are, in my opinion, among the best, most fascinating videos posted on the web.

The most common sources for these videos are TED: Ideas Worth Spreading, Talks at Google,  FRONTLINE and documentary film consolidation sites such as and

List of Great Videos

Click here for a condensed list comprised of only the most absolutely interesting, important, and/or relevant videos to today’s problems that everyone must watch.

Other Interesting Websites

Reasons To Believe

Explains the harmony between science and the Bible.

Green Scissors

A disheartening but eye-opening site detailing wasteful government spending.


Very useful when wasting time.


Temporary e-mail forwarding service.

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