81. Prohibit Automatic Acceptance, Renewal, and Extension of Contracts

It should be illegal for businesses to require customers to do anything in order to remain or become a nonparty to a transaction once their original involvement in the previous transaction agreement ends. An automatic renewal of a subscription to a magazine, or an automatic shipment of another month’s supply of a product, or any continuation or extension of an economic relationship beyond the terms of the original transaction agreement should all be illegal unless the customer expressly authorized such an arrangement. The terms of an original transaction cannot automatically require customers to contact the company to notify them of the customer’s unwillingness to exceed the terms of the original transaction.

In addition, it should be illegal for street number painters to leave a notice at a residence instructing the residents that their address number will be repainted unless the residents take it upon themselves to tape the notice over the numbers to indicate that they do not want their numbers repainted. The correct way is to require residents who want their numbers painted to go out and indicate as such.