2. English – U.S. Official Language

The official language of the United States should be American English. All government related documents should be in English with translations provided into any language (perhaps for a nominal fee to the foreign language user) for all documents. Government functions and communications should also be in English even at the local level regardless of how small the minority of English speakers may be. Otherwise, the evolution of political landscapes is too easily facilitated.
For US-made products, the English language should always have the priority in all multi-language documents, flyers, signs, etc. For example, instruction manuals printed within this country in multiple languages should have the English set of instructions placed first in the manual. Fliers, brochures, signs, etc., should have the English portion placed in front of or above the non-English portion and given at least the same visibility as the non-English portion (meaning the use of the same size font, same level of attractiveness, etc.). All automated telephone menus should not require the user to select English in any way. A user desiring another language should be required to actively select that other language.

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