1. Esperanto – International Language

Esperanto, a language scientifically designed to be politically neutral and easy to learn, should be officially adopted and declared as the International Language of the world.  Because of its simplicity, Esperanto would provide people worldwide with the ability to save the huge amounts of time and effort that would otherwise be needed to learn and master any other international language.

Officially implementing and grounding this language in the United States could be done in the following way.  Once the language has gained an official declaration of legitimacy by the government, children under 12 should be taught this language to fluency.  Children not yet graduated from high school should be taught the basics of Esperanto every year until graduation so as to understand the majority of what is spoken or written in Esperanto.  After the first cohort of children under 12 graduate high school, the learning of Esperanto to fluency should be mandated.  Intensive Esperanto education should begin with the very first year of school enrollment.

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