11. Mention Acronym Next to the First Use of Full Expanded Term

Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms, should always be written in their expanded forms during their first use in a document or article. In addition, their abbreviated form (if used later in the document or article) should always be written in parenthesis right after this first full, expanded use of the term in the document or article. In long works, the expanded terms should be stated alongside the acronym periodically, such as during their first use in new sections of the work, so that readers are helpfully reminded of their meaning without requiring them to flip through the whole book or other long work to try to find their meanings.

Such a convention would allow readers to find the definitions or meanings of acronyms much faster in articles and other printed works. In addition, each letter of the expanded term that forms part of the acronym or abbreviation should be written in capital letters. This should at least be true for the more complicated acronyms.

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