108. Exhibition of the Scale of Space

Governments should educate the public about the scale of space and the vast distances involved between objects in space. They can easily and entertainingly do this by placing scale planets, stars and/or other scaled objects along roads or freeways and other parts of the city or landscape. For example, it would be nice if Los Angeles put a 12 inch model of the earth somewhere up on a tower or pedestal somewhere near the interchange of the 405 and 10 freeways and placed another pedestal or tower with a model of Jupiter somewhere in downtown L.A. Or maybe the Sun could be in downtown and all the planets scattered, at scale distances, around the city. If the objects are scaled to cover huge areas, we can put models throughout the state or country. These can be used as landmarks as well. For example, every freeway that radiates out from downtown (where the model of the Sun would be) could have planets located over them at scale distances away from the downtown sun. Not only would the physical distances between the planets be to scale, but so would the physical sizes. Local elementary schools could also have scaled versions of the solar system. This would truly instill in them an accurate perspective on distance scales in space.

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