11. Voting for One Thing at a Time in Government

Ban ‘Riders’

Voting taking place within government bodies (such as within city councils, the House of Representatives, Senate, etc.) should be limited to only one item at a time. Under no circumstances should any single vote ever be cast for two or more unrelated or even distantly related items. All matters and proposed changes to be decided by such bodies should be independent of everything else. Unrelated riders should never be attached to any bill.

In cases where this degree of individual or independent single item voting cannot be accommodated (such as in budget votes because of many individual budget lines), then each item in that budget must be directly related to the nature of the budget.

One Response to “11. Voting for One Thing at a Time in Government”

  • Martin Walenga: October 21, 2013 at 6:51 am

    The plethora of problems associated with the US government presently is best addressed & epitomized by the need for single-item voting.
    All politicians, on either side of the left/right debate(s) abuse and refuse to address this long-overdue idea/policy.
    It should be part of the constitution – it ABSOLUTELY is the basis of pork. If ‘pork’ were fored to be made to be stand-alone / solo item bill proposals they would never pass, let alone be proposed…
    This idea, along with term-limits and contribution limitations, rules would solve 75% of our ‘definitely not the best’, let alone ‘best of the rest..’ present world government.

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