18. Parents’ Citizenship Conferred to Children Regardless of Birthplace

Any person born in the US or on any US territory or vessel from one or both parents who are not US citizens, but legally residing in the country, would not automatically obtain US citizenship, but rather would be granted legal resident status and treated as citizens of the country of which their parents are citizens, with the mother’s citizenship being dominant (if such countries allow the conferring of citizenship under such circumstances). The child’s legal residency status would be valid for as long as both parent’s legal residency status is valid, or as long as one of the parent’s (the one who remains in the country with the child) legal residency status is valid.

If one or both of the parents are illegally residing in the country, then the birthed child will also be considered an illegal immigrant, not granted citizenship, and would be subject to the same deportation laws. The parents would also be responsible for paying the daily immigration fines imposed upon the child.

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