5. Periodic Physical Tests for All People

All inhabitants of the United States should be required to undergo comprehensive physical/medical testing at least once every 5 years (but biennial testing, ideally) to determine their health status, especially in term of communicable diseases they may be carrying. Whether private doctors or public health workers gather this information, all such data should be incorporated into the patients’ medical history, and patients must be treated for their communicable illnesses or face restrictions on their travel and other activities that may place others at significantly greater risk. Testing more frequent than 5 years for any single, non-diagnosed medical issue should not be required under this proposal, although higher frequency testing may be performed as part of normal healthcare practices.

These biennial physical examinations would be comprehensive physical and mental health exams. They would be part of the required baseline level of care proposed in point #1. Catastrophic Single-Payer; Mandatory Routine Visits of these Policy Proposals. New immigrants and citizens returning from high-risk places abroad should be required to undergo such physical tests upon entering the country (either at the airport or within one week of arrival). Immigrants with medical records issued by foreign institutions deemed credible should not be required to be tested again upon entry into this country. They must just meet the 5 year rule.

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