26. Honoring Advertised False Prices

Stores should honor all erroneous advertised prices for their products (up to a difference of $100 per item), regardless of whether the store or advertising agency is responsible for the misprint or error. Stores and businesses placing ads through an advertising agency should make sure that they have an agreement with the advertising agency defining the division of financial liability in such matters so that the party responsible for the error actually pays the consequences. Regardless of whether or not an advertising agency pays the store for the agency’s mistake, the store would still be required to honor all advertised prices up to the limit of $100 per item. In cases where the difference between the advertised price and the actual sale price of an item is greater than $100, the store and/or ad agency would be responsible for honoring 50% of the difference over the first $100 as well.

Customers, some of whom may have made a special trip to the store just to purchase the sale item, should not be penalized (by not receiving the erroneously advertised discount) for advertising errors.

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