27. Hand Delivered Ads Must Be Put In Mailboxes

All advertisements/flyers that are delivered by hand and left on the floors of porches or attached to the front doors of houses or businesses, attached to fences, put on car windshields or put in any other places except inside mailboxes should be prohibited. (The restriction of using mailboxes only for postal mail should be lifted.) All these advertisements should be placed directly into mailboxes by the distributors or sent through the mail.

Otherwise, advertisements left in any other places except inside mailboxes contribute to a general decay in the aesthetic qualities of houses and neighborhoods, increase the amount of litter, increase the chances of crime occurring (a house with many advertisements/flyers collecting at the door suggest that no one is home), and increase the workload, frustration, and annoyance of residents and property owners. The penalty for delivering or leaving advertisements anywhere other than inside mailboxes should be equivalent to the fines levied for littering ($1,000). Even leaving flyers on car windshields should be prohibited. If there is no room inside the mailboxes, then the advertisements must be affixed to the mailbox in such a way that wind cannot easily blow it away.

2 Responses to “27. Hand Delivered Ads Must Be Put In Mailboxes”

  • Carol S.: July 11, 2013 at 7:05 am

    This is illegal in the United States. Only the Post Office can legally place anything in a mailbox.

    • Policy Proposals Moderator: July 15, 2013 at 10:37 pm

      That very well known fact was mentioned in the post. This proposal was mainly to eliminate that restriction.

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