38. Child Support

The biological parents of children should be financially responsible for all the needs of those children until they reach 20 years of age, unless those children have been permanently adopted by another family or unless the children (age 15 or over) are not enrolled in fulltime schooling (in which case the child is expected to fund at least some of his/her own living expenses). Child support (at least a small portion) must be provided to the child even if parents are separated, divorced, or chose to abandon the child, or pregnancy is the result of rape, or the child has been placed into foster care, etc. The current caretakers could sign a legal waiver renouncing the need or desire for child support obligations from the spouse, former spouse, or biological parents, but such renouncements can be revoked at any time during the first 20 years of the child’s life, provided that at least three full month’s warning of child support payments is issued to the parent who will be paying them.

Rapists should Pay Child Support
Whether a rape victim chooses to bear and raise the child or whether she chooses to give it up for adoption, the rapist should be forced to pay child support until the child is 20 years old. The rapist should not be allowed to initiate physical contact with the child until the child is old enough to understand and agrees to meet the father or unless the mother chooses to initiate contact with the father (rapist).

Sperm Donors Pay Child Support

All sperm donors should be required to pay 10% of child support to the recipients of the sperm. The donor has the right to require that only one egg be fertilized at a time to eliminate the chance of multi-fetus pregnancies. If the recipient of the sperm does not want this child support, the donor must still pay the same amount to the government or to some child related charity. These payments must continue until the child reaches 20 years of age.

However, the ideal policy would be to ban the buying and selling of sperm, eggs, etc. Nevertheless, exceptions could be made in extremely rare cases.

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