36. Contraception & Religious Opposition

Any method by which fertilization of a human egg is prevented should be acceptable and non-controversial.

The dissemination of non-abortive birth control treatments, activities or information should not be prohibited by any entity receiving any public funding of any sort (grants, tax-exempt status, non-profit status, etc.).

Catholic healthcare organizations, being opposed to any form of contraceptives, are perhaps the largest interest group that would be affected by the implementation of this concept.  Because Catholic charity organizations constitute such a large market share of the healthcare sector, it is imperative that such arcane practices be eliminated.

There are sufficient reasons for Catholics to accept the moral legitimacy of contraceptives. First, many of their objections are based on previous Papal statements, which have been shown many times to have been wrong and/or based on human additions to the Sacred Scriptures (Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Magisterium) which cannot be justified based on regulations contained within those Scriptures themselves. Second, the strongest Scriptural support claimed against the use of birth control is the story of Onan who practiced withdrawal. However, his death by God resulted from his disobedience, not his use of birth control.  Other arguments such as the command to be fruitful, the purpose of marriage, and honoring the body as a temple and vessel to be used by God cannot be used to expressly prohibit contraception.

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