31. Car Alarm Regulations

Following are some requirements for making car alarms much less annoying and more useful.

1. Audible car alarm owners should be charged an annual fee of perhaps $30 to discourage them from choosing to use this type of alarm system instead of other, less noisy, car security methods (such as keychain alarms).

2. The setting of car alarms should be done either quietly (such as visually by using lights) and/or audibly but without making noises louder than 40 decibels at a distance of 20 feet from any part of the vehicle.

3. Loud audible vehicle alarms should automatically be disabled if the proper key is used to open the door or trunk.

4. Vehicle alarm systems must be made to sound only if the vehicle is being damaged or broken in to.

5. Alarms should not be triggered due to sound waves (loud music, loud cars, low helicopters, etc.)

6. Alarms should not be triggered due to ground vibrations (heavy trucks, etc.)

7. Vehicle alarm systems should not sound during earthquakes (unless the vehicle is physically damaged because alarm systems cannot often distingush between earthquake-caused damage and human-caused damage).

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