33. Honking the Horn

Honking the horns of cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, etc., for no good reason should be illegal and subjected to a fine of at least $100 or even more depending on the situation and perhaps also on the estimated number of people that could have heard the sound of the horn. For example, honking to call someone who is inside a building, such as a house or apartment, or honking because the car in front of you didn’t respond within three seconds to a signal light that changed to green, or because the driver of the car ahead of you decided not to make a left turn during a gap in oncoming traffic that you thought he could have made it through, should all be illegal and fined. This rule should especially apply to bus drivers. Even accidental honking during ‘the wrong’ time (meaning when such a honk could have been interpreted as directed to someone) should be subjected to a fine so that people don’t just claim that they ‘accidentally’ honked the horn to get out of a fine.

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