34. Vehicle Noise and Wind

Buses and all other vehicles allowed to operate on public roads should be designed so that, as they accelerate or pass by pedestrians, especially those sitting at a bus stop or walking on a sidewalk or in vehicles next to the offending vehicle, such vehicles should not direct extremely loud engine noises, blow annoying amounts of exhaust, air, or road dust towards any location around the vehicle where pedestrians or other people may possibly be located.

All vehicles should be required to be designed so that their engines and exhaust systems emit no more than 100 decibels of noise (at a distance of three feet from all points around the vehicle) at speeds of up to 65 MPH and through all reasonable acceleration and braking procedures. Tire noises should also be considered.

Motorcycles should also follow these regulations so that they do not produce excessively loud and annoying noises.

The fines for violating these regulations should be at least equivalent to the fine for littering (because they are, in fact, littering the environment with noise).

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