38. Radio and TV Program Guides & Summaries

Each radio and television program should be required to broadcast summaries (of about 100 words or less) stating generally what the show is about as well as what this specific episode is about. These summaries should be explanatory enough so that an individual would not need to watch a show to find out accurately what it’s about. Radio and television stations should be required to broadcast this information constantly along with their regular radio or television signals so that receivers would be able to capture that information when it is tuned in.

A radio guide, in particular, would allow people to more easily find interesting topics on talk radio that would not only saving them a whole lot of time that may otherwise be spent searching and becoming frustrated, but also significantly improving the intelligence of the general population. A significant number of people would likely spend less time listening to music radio (a safer bet for enjoyment at any given time) if they had the tools to efficiently find, especially in advance, details about potentially interesting programs and topics across the radio.

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