41. Personalized Cable/Satellite Channel Subscriptions

Cable companies should be required to offer consumers a much more customizable channel package, even to the point where consumers can pick and choose to which individual channels they want to subscribe. Cable companies should simply state a price for each channel’s subscription.

Also cable channels should never be rotated in or out of a customer’s line up without the explicit permission of the customer, even if the channels rotated into the package are offered for free.

Cable companies should also offer packages or bundles of various channels for whatever price they want. It is a commonly understood among people who study this issue, that not only does every channel have a different level of viewership than any other channel, but also that it is only a relatively few channels that pull in the majority of the viewers. Thus, most channels have relatively few viewers meaning that such channels would not be able to economically survive if they required people to specifically choose to purchase them.

Therefore, the costs of including many of these lower rated channels only marginally increase package prices. For example, would someone prefer to pay $50/month for 10 channels or $75/month for 50 channels?

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