4. Payment of Fines

Complete Payments Prior To Deportation

Illegal immigrants would be free to pay all the costs associated with their illegal immigration (i.e., criminal penalties, processing, detention, deportation, etc.) at any time and in any way they see fit prior to or up until the day of their scheduled repatriation. All charges must be paid prior to being deported. However, if an illegal immigrant fails to leave the country by the required date or if he/she has not completed payment without agreeing to a payment plan with the government, then an additional fine of $1,000 would be imposed and compound daily interest of 1% would be charged on the total cumulative fine amount, regardless of what portion had already been paid. In addition, all of their assets would be confiscated by the government and used to pay off any remaining costs or held as collateral until the illegal immigrant turns himself in. After all fines have been paid, any remaining assets would be returned to the possession of the illegal immigrant to take back home.

Unable To Pay?

If the illegal immigrant is unable to pay these fines, the government will provide them with opportunities to work, with earnings at least in accordance with minimum wage laws, until all of their bills (with interest) have been paid. Illegal immigrants will try to be matched with their talents in order to make the best use of their labor and allow them to earn more money. Interest on their fine account balances will be charged (beginning on the day after their original deportation would have occurred) normal market rates until their entire debt is paid. Then repatriation would occur. There would be no time limit requirements within which such repayments must occur. The government and the illegal immigrant must agree to a payment plan. The illegal immigrant would be responsible for insuring that payments are made according to the plan or further penalties would accrue.

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