4. Venue Pricing and Seating Policies

Venue facilities and performers should agree to a set of seating arrangements for the performance as well as the rules governing the setting of seat prices for each seat within the venue. They should also agree to policies governing the pricing and reservation of seats for either special guests or for ticket sales at a future date. All information concerning seating arrangements and the pricing for each seat as well as reserved sections in the venue should be made available to the public prior to selling the first tickets for the event.

Ticket prices could be set according to how both the venue managers and performers agree, including having ticket prices float on the market, determined by supply and demand, with no upper limit on price. Tickets would only be originally sold by approved ticket sellers. After people buy tickets from approved ticket sellers, they could sell them again to anybody only for up to the amount they paid for it. Or they could sell the tickets back to an approved ticket seller for up to 10% more than what they paid for it. Approved ticket sellers would then be allowed to sell these tickets at market rates or according to whatever pricing structure had been agreed to by both the venue managers and performers. It should be illegal to buy tickets for the purpose of selling them later.

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