43. Radio Talk Show Call-In Policies

Drivers using cell phones while driving should not be allowed to call in to radio programs and be placed live on the air. This should apply even if the hands free function is used.

Radio talk shows should all be encouraged to air and address the questions of people who call in, but who are not willing to wait, sometimes hours on the phone before their call is taken. Radio talk show hosts certainly would be able to pick a greater number of far better questions to address (from a larger pool of people), and do so, more quickly, if they would just agree to answer the questions of callers who are not willing to wait on the phone to speak live.

People who call into talk radio shows and wait on the phone for their calls to be taken on the air should be told roughly when their call will be on the air. This can be done in several ways. Ether they could be told what number line they are on so when the host calls out for line #5, for example, that person would know who they are. Or the caller could receive something like a “your next” warning. It is so annoying to hear callers question whether they are on the air or not.

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