45. Globally Standardized Emergency & Non-Emergency/Government Information Telephone Number

Global Emergency Number

There should be one telephone number set aside worldwide to serve as an emergency telephone number that any person could call 24 hours a day to contact their local emergency police, ambulance, fire, or other emergency personnel. Emergencies would be defined as any looming real or potential threat to life or property.

Global Non-Emergency Number

There should also be one telephone number (and website) set aside worldwide to serve as a non-emergency telephone number that any person could call for purposes of reporting any non-emergency information to authorities. Mainly, this number would be used to communicate to governments information needed in order to rectify problems which negatively impact the safety, wellbeing, and comforts of civil society. Example, would be to inform on dysfunctional infrastructures (street light outages, existence of potholes, etc.), graffiti or litter in need of cleanup, abandoned vehicles, noise complaints, etc. Informants could also use this number to provide authorities with the necessary information to capture criminals involved in past criminal activities.

Perhaps this non-emergency number could also act as a central directory (preferably with live people) capable of answering all kinds of diverse government related questions concerning the operating hours of various departments, telephone numbers to city services, inquiries about who their elected representatives may be and their contact information, general information about building permit requirements and about virtually anything related to any level of government (city, county, state, county, and maybe even international).

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