45. Surprise Law Enforcement Checks

Government inspectors (such as for health and safety) should be allowed surprise entry and unrestricted access to all parts of the property being inspected. Likewise, subordinates (employees, athletes, students, etc.) should be drug tested at the will of their supervisors (as long as the testing is not too invasive or time consuming). Any proper law enforcement entity should have the right to conduct surprise inspections of any person or any place under their jurisdiction so long as such actions can be fairly reasonably justified or if such actions are part of an advertised deterrent technique (such as random drug testing).

Surprise law enforcement checks should constantly be conducted to check up on the truthfulness of vendors, to ensure product safety, and to ensure adequate service standards. Many of these functions could be adequately fulfilled by instituting a public policing system in addition to an informant reward system to encourage that information about violations are actually relayed to the proper authorities. For example, nursing homes should be checked up on to ensure that the residents are properly taken care of. Automotive service and repair stations should be checked to make sure that they are truthful in diagnosing problems and that work is actually done. Much of this could be done by the public if they properly document the violations, but there may be some things that only the proper authorities would be able to do, such as check for current business license status, etc.

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