46. Police Sting Operations

The police and other law enforcement agencies should use sting operations as a tool to keep crime at their lowest possible levels. Sting operations should be especially used as a lure to catch individuals with criminal inclinations when the level of reported crimes increase or intelligence indicates that one or a few individuals may be responsible for a string of crimes (two or more). Criminals caught through sting operations would face punishments that are no different than if the crimes were committed against real, private individuals. The only difference is that the ‘victim’ in such cases would be the government agency which set up the sting. All compensatory damages as well as punitive awards would be paid to such government agencies.

Law enforcement agencies could work either by themselves or in conjunction with any other parties they see fit for purposes of catching criminals. Although such practices should be discouraged, illicit goods (drugs, guns, etc.) could be bought and sold by law enforcement if so doing will likely lead to the finding of compelling incriminating evidence. Trafficking in such illicit goods for such purposes should always be approved and permitted by the courts. Otherwise, a law enforcement agency with a high enough credit rating could self approve such activities by gaining the approval of the highest elements with that law enforcement agency.

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