49. A+/A Grade Point Values, General Grading System

It is very wrong for an A+ to be equivalent to an A grade in terms of the grade point values assigned to them. This defect of the grading system could be easily corrected by just redefining an A+ as being equal to a 4.001- 4.333 GPA. Flat A’s would continue to be 3.667 – 4.00 GPA, A- would be between 3.334 – 3.666, a B+ would be between 3.001 – 3.333, etc.

However, I think a more logical, more accurate, and ultimately more reasonable solution would be to construct a grading system that is based more directly on the ratio between how many questions the student got correct versus how many questions were on the test (i.e., a percentage-based grading system). Naturally, many academic projects such as research papers, reports, etc., cannot really be given a grade using such a grading system. In these cases, conventional letter grades may be justifiably given. Nevertheless, they will, in all likelihood, need to be converted into the same type of grading system used for all other graded activities to facilitate the calculating of a final grade for the course or for calculating an average grade for the student for the year, or whatever.

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