53. Principles of Timeline, Graph, Chart, Table, Etc., Creation

Timelines, graphs, tables, etc., should always (unless there is a really good reason) be written from either, left to right, top to bottom, and from the past to the present. It is too difficult to study or refer to information presented in any other way. In other words, data from 2005 should always be placed after (to the right of) data from 2004.

Temperature scales should also be oriented vertically, with temperatures rising as you go up, unless there is a very good reason to present the data in another way.

Graphs representing a range of electromagnetic wavelengths should always begin with the shortest wavelengths on the left and the longest wavelengths on the right for graphs oriented horizontally. For electromagnetic wavelength graphs oriented in a vertical orientation, a standard conventional format should be adopted so that all such graphs will either place the shorter wavelengths either at the top or bottom while the longer wavelengths will be placed vice versa. A standardization of electromagnetic radiation graphs would make them much easier to learn and remember.

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