9. Voting Age, Eligibility, Registration & Identification

Voting Age

The minimum voting age should be age 20 (this should also be the age of majority).

Voting Eligibility

Only US citizens should be allowed to vote in US public elections. Lawful permanent residents (who are not yet citizens) or people with any other status should not be allowed to vote.

Voter Registration

Registering to vote should be a high school graduation requirement. Voting should not be mandatory, but everyone should at least be registered.

One Voting Domicile At a Time

College students may only retain one voting domicile at a time, either within their resident political jurisdiction while attending college or within the political jurisdiction of their hometown.

Homeless people, recreational vehicles inhabitants, etc, without a permanent address may register only in the political jurisdiction in which they receive their mail.

Voter Identification

Every voters should be required to have their correct name and address on file with their voting precinct prior to being allowed to vote.  Voters with different names or addresses should be allowed to change/update such information at their voting place.

Voters should be notified that their current name and address will be assumed to be accurate. If it is determined that it is not accurate, heavy financial penalties will levied.

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