52. Standard Format for Student Papers

Papers written in primary schools (especially in the higher primary grades) should be written in a format that has been standardized across all disciplines. Students should not fret over correctly following one of several different formats in which professors could choose to require their students to write. One format should be enough to fit the requirements of any and all disciplines including psychology, philosophy, biology, mathematics, geology, etc. Standardizing paper writing formats would allow students to devote more time to actual productive study rather than to try to figure out merely stylistic, procedural, and non-productive communication practices.

Teachers and instructors who require papers to be written in any format other that the standard format, should not only provide a good reason for such a requirement, but should also provide students with a sample full length paper written in such a format for the purpose of showing the students how to properly structure, format, cite, and reference sources according to the instructor’s preferences. Otherwise, the educational facilities themselves should either create or, preferably, otherwise obtain conventionally published reference books for students to refer to that would detail every possible common paper formatting style that that educational institution (but preferably any educational institution in the country) is likely to require.

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