54. Testing Rooms

This proposal is applicable to tests given for all independent courses in which tests are taken whenever the student states their readiness to take tests. All testing rooms should be away from all common audible or visual distractions and allow several people to take different tests simultaneously, but well separated from each other. Each test-taker would go to the test site supervisor, ask for his test, and then be directed to a their individual testing desk. These desks should, if possible, be set up in a way so that the test-takers would not see the supervisor looking at them. Each testing desk would have a clock that sets the time allowed for the test and counts down to zero. When time runs out the supervisor would be alerted and a light would blink on the device notifying the student that the time has elapsed. The test site supervisor, who is also keeping track of each student’s time, would then come by and pick up the test if the student had not already finished and submitted it to the supervisor. The desk would then be available for the next test taker. With this system, many students could take different tests at the same time, while each may have different starting and finishing times. The testing room should have several closed circuit cameras so that the test site supervisor could more effectively monitor activities in the room to ensure an absence of cheating.

Sound Proof Testing Rooms

Tertiary educational facilities could also have small, individual, sound proof testing rooms that individuals may choose to use, for a fee, so that they could talk out loud to themselves without disturbing anyone else.

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