59. Mandatory General Education Completion

The completion of a primary and secondary education should be mandatory for all native born individuals and all immigrants under 15 years of age. Dropouts aged 30 and older should be fined $100 for every subsequent year in which they have not attained a General Education Degree. Immigrants would also be required to comply as well, but the ages at which their fines begin to be imposed would be their age at the time of migration into the country (if they were under 15 at the time) plus 30 years. Immigrants admitted while they were aged 15 through 39 would be required to take an abbreviated version of a General Education curriculum consisting mainly of basic literacy, government and social functions and behavior. Immigrants admitted while aged 40 and older would be exempt from all General Education requirements. All people who have reached their expected life expectancy at retirement age would be exempted from this requirement and the associated penalty.

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