6. Illegal Immigrants Marrying or Birthing Children

Marriage to a US citizen or birthing US citizen children should not automatically reclassify an illegal immigrant as having a legal status or make it any easier for them to obtain legal US residency or citizenship. Rather, these illegal immigrants would have the same fines imposed as conventional illegal immigrants.

Illegal Immigrant Marriage

One difference would be that an illegal immigrant married to a US citizen would have 6 months from the date of discovery (instead of the normal 3 months) to leave the country. If an illegal immigrant is part of a couple that is known to be pregnant on the date of discovery or who already have borne children together, then that illegal immigrant would be allowed 12 months from the date of discovery to leave the country.

Illegal Immigrant Children

Children born in the US to at least one illegal immigrant parent should not be given US citizenship and the parents should pay the illegal immigrant fine for the child at the normal rate of $10 per day, beginning on the day of the child’s birth up until the date of discovery.

However, until the US Constitution is changed, the child will be granted US citizenship. In this case, the illegal immigrant parent of this child should be levied a fine for the baby at a rate of $5 per day (half the rate of a regular illegal immigrant) from birth until the date of discovery. If both parents are illegal immigrants, then the child born in the US would cause a fine of $10 per day to be levied against the parents.

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