65. Combining School Subjects to Increase Educational Efficiency

In order to save time and increase the efficiency of learning, attempts should be made to include as many elements of as many subjects as practical into each exercise a student is given to perform. The clearest example of how this could be performed would be to combine English grammar and spelling lessons with history material. For example, the sentence “George Washington was the first President of the United States” could be used to teach the student both history and proper grammar and spelling. Math lessons could be combined with history and/or politics, too. There are nearly an infinite number of possibilities in which such teaching methods could be utilized to increase educational efficiencies, at least in part. Of course, combined-subject exercises should not be a litmus test for determining whether or not to include a particular exercise in a course, and there may be several instances where this would not be beneficial, but this method of teaching should be near the front of every education designer’s mind.

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