66. Personal Use Recordings

As a rule, people should be allowed to make any kind of recording of any event (including live, telephone, and other forms of conversations) without the approval of any other party. However, such recording can only be for private personal or law enforcement usage. On the other hand, people could be restricted from making any kinds of recording if legitimate reasons exist for such restrictions, such as protecting national security, trade secrets, etc., or if such recordings violate other parties’ reasonable expectations of privacy.

People making any recordings should not be allowed to sell any of them or even freely distribute (in any significant quantities) such recordings without the permission (even if only implied) of all recognizable parties present on the recordings.

Private entertainment companies and organizers of any other event do reserve the right to prevent personal recordings of their activities (movie showings, concerts, and other events), but they must specify this policy to all participants. Otherwise, people should be allowed to make such recordings for personal use.

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