71. Short-Term Intensive Student Workloads

To help students develop more efficient studying and learning skills all primary and secondary schools should require all students go through a period of intensive study that lasts around two weeks for high school grades, one week for middle school grades, and perhaps a couple of days for elementary school children. One way to encourage students to do this, at least for the higher grades, would be to assign a task (like a research project) or a series of different tasks to all the students at one time and either the first one to complete them or the first one to get the highest scores while taking the least amount of time would be the winner of some prize.

Students should be required to go through at least one, but preferable two, such study periods per year. Such exercises will help teach students how to study faster as well as give them a sense of appreciation for how much free time they usually enjoy and how little free time people who work all day (especially to support families) have to enjoy. The purpose of these exercises is to take students out of their normal routine and sort of shock them into a different, faster paced, stress-filled schedule that will give them new insights on life. Such exercises would help students appreciate their ‘normal’ life more, while simultaneously showing them how much work they are capable of doing in short periods of time.

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