74. Being Part of the Solution

Students in primary school, but all people in general, should be taught that it is right to make a small effort to fix easily solvable problems wherever they encounter them. In effect, all people should be taught and encouraged to be part of the solution to problems instead of merely passive observers or worse, part of the problem.

For example, if someone is walking on a sidewalk or crossing a street and notices a plastic bag, newspaper, or other piece of litter right in front of their path and also notices that there is a trash can up ahead along their planned route, that person should make the effort to pick up the bag and place it in the trash can.

People should also be taught to put clearly misplaced item on a store’s shelves in their proper place, if it is not too far out of the way for them, and to make every effort necessary to make sure that any items which they themselves removed from the shelves are put back in their proper places. Anything above a minor effort to correct someone else’s mistake would not be required, but would be cheered and appreciated.

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