77. Computer Worms, Viruses & Unauthorized Information Access

Worms Viruses, Etc.

It should obviously be illegal to author or promote, in any way, any computer program (worm, virus, etc.) that has any illegal or malicious intent. The authors of such programming codes should be charged with the theft of an equivalent amount of money estimated to be the final total damage costs for which their code was responsible. This same principle should be applied to any form of vandalism or any other crimes.

Unauthorized Computer Information Access

All information/data on any computer, server, network, etc., (public, private, government, corporate, etc.) not intended for public accessibility (i.e., protected by any kind of security feature, including firewalls, passwords, etc.) should be considered to be private, and all unauthorized access would be treated as a violation of privacy, at a minimum (depending on the nature of the accessed information).

Curbside Trash

Trash placed on the curb intended for collection should also be considered private property because of the potentially sensitive nature of documents that could be placed in the trash. Government or private collection agencies should have the right to sort through the trash in preparation for recycling or for salvaging items of interest (though obvious document searches for personal information should be prohibited).

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