78. Legalizing Drugs & Drug Plants

Illegal drugs should be made legal only if no reasonable or acceptable substitute for medical or rehabilitative reasons exists for those drugs. However, such drugs should be offered only through a prescription and only for medical or rehabilitative reasons. All other illegal drugs should remain banned.

However, the use of and the possession of ‘personal use’ quantities of virtually all illicit drugs should be decriminalized. This means that punishments other than prison terms should be given to offenders. Enforcement measure like fines would become the primary means of combating the problem.

Plants from which drugs are derived should also be permitted to be grown by any person as long as the plant is not altered or changed physically or chemically from its natural state in order to produce or aid in the production or concentration of chemicals capable of producing unnaturally significant bodily effects. For example, people could be allowed to grow the coca plant (from which cocaine is derived) and chew on the natural leaves of the coca plant or to make tea from the leaves to obtain its mild benefits. The mere growing of a drug-producing plant should generally not be prohibited; only unacceptable uses should be prohibited. Perhaps a permit for the growing of such plants should be obtained from the local government jurisdiction so that the government knows where such plants are located and can follow up on their status if necessary.

Hemp/marijuana should be allowed to be grown by farmers and home growers with the only restriction being that its psychoactive drug compounds (like THC) not be artificially increased without prior government approval.

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