82. Interdisciplinary Value Awareness Education

All secondary, but especially tertiary educational institutions should teach their students the values of being open-minded and seeking input from many different people, especially experts in the fields relating to the students’ endeavor or undertaking. To emphasize this point, students should be taught numerous examples (real and even hypothetical) of how people (especially politicians) without sufficient knowledge of a particular area really messed things up by relying on their own judgments which may have been based on false assumptions or prideful overconfidence in their own knowledge or abilities. Students should also be taught to understand how changing different, though seemingly small, variables can dramatically affect the final outcome of events.

Students should be taught and given analogies to help them understand that everything in the world is interconnected with everything else and that some people may have a more accurate or clearer perspective regarding an issue because such people may be either more specialized in that area or have different bits of knowledge that may be critical in making better decisions.

Law enforcement personnel should especially be required to undergo this training to help break down the barriers and rivalries that often exist between law enforcement agencies.

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