80. Pornography, Prostitution & Nude Behavior


Pornography is like a drug which desensitizes its viewers to sex, requiring ever greater doses and ever more exotic forms to maintain satisfaction.  The ideal solution is for pornography to be banned but, like the alcohol prohibition of 1920-33 showed, any product with a large, determined market cannot be benignly banned.

However, the next best thing would be to heavily regulate and heavily tax this industry so that it operates safely and also so that an effective degree of resistance could be placed on the demand.  The adult film industry should be required to ensure a healthy, disease-free labor environment and provide proper compensation for its employees.  A vice tax of 100% should be imposed upon the transaction of any pornographic item (including films, toys, etc.).  This tax would be distributed proportionately among the different levels of government with jurisdiction over the place of sale (city, county, state, national).



Ideally, prostitution should also be prohibited because of the intrinsic wrong of selling and casually using one’s deepest physical acts with direct, negative spiritual implications.  Furthermore, studies have shown that the vast majority of prostitutes would have strongly desired to not have been a prostitute.  The demand will always exist, but a properly regulated market is preferable to a black market.

Prostitution services should also be charged a vice tax of 100%.  This tax money should be equally distributed into the general funds of every level of government with jurisdiction over the place of sale.  Brothels should exist in narrow zoned areas, health and labor standards must be enforced.

Nude Behavior

Such behavior should be outlawed in public.

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