85. Simple Home Maintenance Classes

Part of the regular educational curriculum throughout primary and secondary schools (though emphasized during the later grades) should be on how to embark on simple household maintenance projects or diagnose and fix common problems around the house or common problems around the child’s world. There should be courses that would teach all students how to do basic fix-it projects such as how to paint, change rubber washers in faucet valves, unclog pipes, change electrical switches, etc. Courses should also be offered on how to do more intensive repairs or projects, like replacing a broken tile, installing a new fixture, etc. Each course would deal only with one narrow subject, unclogging a drainpipe, for example. Students would be allowed to choose which of these courses they want to take with the only requirement being that a minimum number of courses or hours must be taken either each year or in order to graduate, and that they know how to solve or complete the most basic, common, and easiest of household problems or maintenance projects. There should also be mini-courses that teach how to do things like mix and pour concrete, build simple wooden structures like chairs or tables, or how to use power tools.

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