89. Public Cursing

Cursing should be illegal in public places, with increased penalties for cursing in confined public places like buses, trains elevators, etc., and still higher fines if children were present. Curse words should be ranked on a two or three step scale, based on the degree of vulgarity. Fines should be levied for each offense where curse words are spoken several times during a short period of time. Minor offenses in which curse words number one or two over the course of a conversation or other reasonable length of time should require that only a warning or small fine (such as $5 per word) be given. Such language used within earshot of minors should require much stricter enforcement and possibly increased penalties. Roads, parks, sidewalks, schools, and public/government buildings are some examples of the public places in which cursing, vulgarity, or other types of obscene language should be prohibited.

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