9. Behavioral Codes of Conduct

The use of mass transport vehicles is a privilege, not a right. There should be enforced behavior codes on public transportation vehicles, so that if people engage in crazy talk, are drunk or on drugs, play music or talk too loudly, especially about indecent subjects such as sex, fights, etc., curse or stink excessively, put their feet up on the seats, engage in vandalism, put their hands in their nose, mouth, ears, then touch the bars or anything else, or are just annoying or engage in unsanitary behavior, they should probably be warned once, but more likely they should be cited and required to pay a fine. Depending on the offense, they should also be required to disembark at the next stop location. Minors should especially be watched for inappropriate behavior. They should be issued the same fines as adults for any inappropriate behavior. Cameras should be installed on all mass transportation vehicles and their video feeds could be monitored by both the driver/operator, and personnel at a central location. Enforcement personnel could be located both on board the vehicle or at various stations or bus stops so that offending behaviors could be corrected immediately.

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