80. Contracts Assume Misrepresentation & Fraud Nullification Clause

No contract or other legal agreement should be required to contain a specific exemption, disclaimer or other such language designed to protect any party against lying, fraud, and misrepresentation or any other wrong or illegal activity or action by another party. Lying or being dishonest should be assumed to be wrong and illegal. It should be understood that any such activity that has occurred within a contract would automatically nullify all relevant portions of that contract.

Understood Confidentiality Agreement Exceptions

In addition, any person, including lawyers, reporters, etc., entering into contracts, confidentiality agreements or any other types of legal or similar agreements, should be allowed and have the right, even mandated, to break those agreements and be required to disclose to the proper authorities any information protected within such agreements that would likely be significantly helpful in determining the degree to which crime, fraud, or any other types of illegal activity is, has, or likely will occur in any place or at any time in the future. Contractually bound people who reveal such information should be immune from any punishments specified in the contract.

Incontestability Clauses

Things such as incontestability clauses should be illegal.

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