57. Dedicated Traffic Reporting Radio Station or Database

Every major metropolitan area should have a dedicated traffic radio station (or some permanently accessible database) that broadcasts nothing but continually updated traffic reports 24 hours a day. All vehicular radios could be equipped with a button that automatically tunes into that area’s traffic broadcasting radio station. Such a service could be commercially financed. This traffic information should probably be Internet-based instead of radio-based.

Drivers would be able to get traffic reports the instant they are ready for them. They would no longer need to wait around for a few minutes on some other radio station until their regularly scheduled traffic report airs. A dedicated traffic reports information service would save people an incredible amount of time. People who care about traffic reports would save time by not having to wait for traffic reports until their regular radio stations broadcast them between their other programming. People who couldn’t care less about traffic reports would save even more time by not having to sit through hundreds of annoying and useless traffic reports a year.

An additional benefit may also be that traffic reporting becomes more consistent and less confusing with fewer contradictions being reported while also using a single kind of format and style that everyone will quickly become familiar with.

Ideally, an Internet based traffic reporting system should be used so that people can choose to receive personalized reports or just l/aook upon a continuously updated map to see traffic hotspots.

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