31. Driving While Distracted With Phones or Other Distractions

The use of handheld telephones while driving should be illegal. Hands free phones should be legal, but only if the telephone system is set up in a way that would allow it to be operated so that a minimum of attention is required of the driver to operate it (such as using speed dial, speech-based or heads up display technology). Engaging in heavy or thought-intensive conversations while driving should be prohibited.

Drivers should not be allowed to call in to radio or TV programs and be placed live on the air regardless of the type of phone used. Only car phones with speed dialing functions should be allowed. The fine for using a hand held phone while driving should be $500, while the fine for using a non-qualifying hands free phone should be $100. If the car is in the “park” gear, all restrictions on driver telephone usage do not apply.

Engaging in any activity or using any device that considerably distracts the drivers of any vehicles or the operators of important or potentially dangerous equipment should be banned (putting on make-up, reading, shaving, etc). Wearing earphones while driving should only be permitted if only one earphone is worn on the right ear. This way law enforcement personnel (who can see the left ear far easier than the right one) are assured that the driver has at least one ear that is free of potentially restrictive hearing impediments

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