3. Educating Proper Behavior During Emergencies

The entire population of every society, including immigrants, but especially including primary school children, should be required to go through an educational course and pass tests on how to behave during times of civil emergencies when social regulatory institutions may have lost control. Each person should also be educated in the psychology of populations during these times so that they are extra careful about how not to act. There should be zero tolerance for populations going wild and committing crimes during civil emergencies.

Each person should be taught that emergencies such as these present enormous profit opportunities for anybody with a recording device, especially a video camera, and the will to document the commission of these crimes. This is because (as is stated elsewhere in these proposals) after the emergency, the holders of such video tapes or other documentation would be able to turn over such evidences to law enforcement. The people who make recordings which play a major or critical part in leading to the conviction of criminals would then get a sizable percentage of the penalty that those criminal would be levied, (perhaps 20%, larger than the 10% informants would get under normal circumstances).

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