7. Electronic Stop Indicators At Stop Locations

All mass transportation scheduled stop sites (especially bus stops) in which vehicles stop only upon request, should be required to allow customers to press a button to indicate to the vehicle operator that they request to be picked up. Perhaps the customer waiting at the stop could press a button that would activate some kind of light signal (like a strobe light) directed towards the direction in which the vehicle will come. When the vehicle sees this signal, he will stop at that stop. At the same time, when a customer presses this button, perhaps a signal could be sent to the operator, indicating that there is someone waiting to be picked up at that stop. At the appropriate time, the vehicle’s interior “Stop Requested” sign would activate so everyone onboard knows that the vehicle will stop at the next stop. Perhaps there could be either an audible or visual warning to the customer waiting at the stop that the vehicle is one stop away from theirs, and to get ready.

At bus stops where more than one bus line travels, there could maybe be some kind of color coded system of lights, like different colors for different bus lines.

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